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ΙAbout Carlos

“Average” is not a word in Carlos’ vocabulary. At eight years old, he was selling lemonade in a joint-venture with his sister. By 13, he was couriering home deliveries for three pharmacies in his hometown, the first service of its kind.    

By his mid-20s, Carlos used his high-energy, hustle, and charisma to launch two businesses and a mobile app dedicated to tax assistance, all while graduating to a management position at a major Australian telecommunications company  — one of the youngest managers in the entire organization. 

Over the next few years, Carlos would recognize a chance to capitalize on the growing green-energy movement, using his burgeoning reputation in sales to co-launch what is now Australia’s fastest-growing residential and commercial solar panel companies, Soliera. He also is the Founder of Sales Talk With Solar Pros and the Co-Founder of Soleira Pro U, the world’s only sales training enterprise for solar professionals.     

Carlos’ career combines fresh, innovative approaches to sales, leadership, and business coaching aimed at cultivating the next generation of sales pros ready to strike in a red-hot industry.


Sales Mentorship

Carlos cultivates deal-closing pros ready to unlock their true potential using an arsenal of today’s most lucrative sales weapons — not tricks, cliches, or gimmicks.  

Growth Hacking

With four successful businesses launched in under 10 years, Carlos understands making waves with minimal resources. His growth-hacking strategies amplify what you have today to grow into what you want tomorrow.    

Career Training & Coaching

Create your own economy with Carlos’ sales scripts and strategies securing deals from even your coldest leads, plus build your confidence to propel your career vision.

Forget what you’ve been taught about sales

Too many folks bank sales careers on playing the numbers game. They think out-calling and out-appointment-setting their colleagues brings in the big bucks, or consecutive late nights at the office translates into lucrative commissions. These aren’t just tired cliches — they’re lies.     

Step off the sales hamster wheel…

…and into a smarter, profitable career by joining me in a new wave of selling solar. Hundreds have done it. Why not you?

ΙLes´t get started

I’ve hinged my career on finding a better path through the world of sales. Now, I’m sharing my knowledge, passion, and insights to ignite the same sales fire in you and your sales team regardless of background or experience. 

Use the contact form to reach me directly. I’m happy to answer mentorship and coaching inquiries, questions about Soleira Pro U, or to book a consultation with me. Cheers to your success.

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